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"Working with John has made me a better leader by learning what to communicate and when to communicate with my team and my customers" 

 "I have learned more about my business and myself. I have grown as a person and as a result my business as thrived" 

 "John seems to always know the answer or the right move. He has taught me, so do I, as he guides me to the best solutions" 

 "I am a better leader and a better person because of my relationship with John. I try to thank him but the best way is to just keep doing the next right thing and becoming a role model for others as he is for me.

Anthony Acosta, President,
Acosta Valuation Solutions, Inc  



  “Even though we have been successful in growing our company since its inception, working with John has allowed us to understand the key aspects of our business that deliver the highest value to our organization.

 John understands the issues with growing and managing a small business, and readily shares his experience to help us successfully manage our business.

 John’s low-key style and ability to listen, has provided us tools to lead our organization as we develop plans to move in to new markets.”

 Michael Iadarola…Information Management Services …Owner



"Our regular individual and group coaching meetings with John help us insure that we are regularly working on our business instead of in it”“John’s insightful questions during our discussions often lead to us either finding a different approach to a situation or feeling comfortable that we have covered all our bases”

 Tim Stevens…Information Management Services …Owner


 John is a fantastic coach.  He goes beyond the traditional role of simply asking questions to guide you as you solve your own problems.  John teaches you.  Our first meeting, he gave me a book, so I could develop a greater understanding of the area in which I had engaged him for assistance.  John collaborates with you to tackle your challenges.  During our meetings, he often provided ideas and suggestions for improvement.  John encourages you.  After every single meeting, I walked away energized and confident.  I wholeheartedly recommend John to you.

 Robert S. Attardo... Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP






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