Coaching for Success...Achieve your Goals


Working with JOHN D. SOZIO LLC, you'll enjoy individualized consideration and unique solutions to discover your perfect professional course.

I offer customized coaching provisions to help you create your own coaching path.

The method is comprehensive and focuses on you as a person, since the perfect path comes from you.

As your coach, I will help uncover your own methods to success, as well as provide you with the advantage of my knowledge and experience.

I begin with a Complimentary Coaching Interview; here we meet for 90 minutes to get to know each other and reveal how coaching can best meet your professional goals while supporting your personal needs. I do not charge for this interview, however we do agree at completion to continue to meet or not.

One on One Coaching

  • Two sessions a month. The coachee sets the adgenda...  either meeting in person or via telephone, each session is generally one hour. The coachee also has the opportunity to contact their coach by telephone or e-mail as many time as they see necessary.

Group Coaching

  • The coachee identifies a group  and a subject, we make all arrangements to create a successful outcome.


  • Topics to match organizational needs, I offer a selection of workshops and will customize per your request.

Special Projects

  • Ranging from on site organizational support to departmental goal setting.


Pricing and descriptions will all be covered in our Complimentary Coaching Interview

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