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About John

        In 1983, with two partners John started his first company in Rochester, New York. In this start-up the three employees began with a small facility and little personal financing. Utilizing sound business practices John grew this start-up company into a nationally recognized organization that employed 85 full time professionals, located in three different locations.

 For 15 years this company experienced constant revenue and profit growth, this growth was controlled, planned and implemented by John and his team. John’s role as President/CEO, allowed him to stay ahead of the company and extract an excellence of performance from each and every employee. Both his sales experience and business knowledge gave the company the fuel it needed to remain profitable throughout its existence. In 1998 John negotiated the sale of his company to the largest international organization in this particular industry.

 John’s decision to stay with the buyer proved to be very valuable in his quest for experience. He held two positions within the company, General Manager Rochester and Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing East Coast.  Learning to work within the boundaries of a publicly held company John expanded his business knowledge and had exposure to many different styles of management and leadership techniques. 

Working with people is John’s passion. Realizing his need for entrepreneurship, in 2003 he made a decision to buy a failing company and rebuild it. This turned out to be a very successful event, within four years he increased revenue 400% and sold the company for a nice return on his investment.

Being a certified business coach gives John the opportunity to use his experience and knowledge and to pass it on to other entrepreneurs giving them an advantage in managing their companies during tough economic times.

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